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Hello, I'm En, a freelance illustrator and Live2d rigger. I specialize in drawing anime-styled illustrations, making characters move, and creating other eye-catching knick-knacks!

Let's work together!

Thank you for considering me for your commission needs! Please take a moment to review and become acquainted with my terms of service. By contacting me about commissions, you acknowledge that you have read and comprehend my Terms of Service.


Commission TypeStarting Price (USD)
Bust Up$60
Half Body$90
Full Body$120
Surprise Me!$13 Click Here
Add-onPrice (USD)
+ Design Complexity+ $30
+ Props & Accessories+ $20 per item
+ Background Complexity+ $20 - $100

Vtuber Art

Commission TypeStarting Price (USD)
L2D Assets$250
Half Body Model Art$500
Full Body Model Art$1000
Budget Model ArtContact Me
  • 3x Toggle Expressions

  • 3x client revision

  • Cutting revisions for rigging

L2D Rigging

Commission TypeStarting Price (USD)
Half Body Rigging$500
Full Body Rigging$800
Budget RiggingContact Me
  • Head & Body XYZ

  • Eyes & Mouth Rigging

  • Physics

  • 3x client revision

Add-onPrice (USD)
+ Design Complexity+ $100 ~ $500
+ Side Steps+ $70
+ VBridger Mouth+ $200
+ Cheek Puff+ $30
+ Outfit+ $150

Contact Me

For project inquiries, you can contact me directly via email at hello@vtuber.cafe, twitter dm, or through any other direct messaging!

Sold Out!

Thank you so much for your interest, Surprise Me slots are all full!
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